Indem – legal help to foreign workers in Norway

Our employment lawyers have broad experience with helping foreign workers in Norway.

Advokat Cathrine Semb Skaarbrevik

Why Indem?

Indem has a department working only with labor law cases, where we represent private clients in disputes against their employer. From our experience working with foreign employees, we see that foreign employees often come to Norway without sufficient knowledge about the legal rights provided them through Norwegian employment legislation or collective agreements. Unfortunately, this can make foreign employees vulnerable to unlawful actions carried out by their employers.

When a conflict arises, many people find themselves hesitant to contact a lawyer because they are afraid they cannot afford the legal costs. In order to make sure that your financial situation is not what stops you from accessing legal help, we offer our services on a «no cure – no pay» basis.

Mikael Petersen
Advokat Mikael Petersen

What does «no cure – no pay» mean?

“No cure – no pay" means that you only pay for our legal services if your case is successful. It also means that our services are free of charge should your case not be successfull. Through these terms, we guarantee that we invest time to thoroughly evaluate your case and we will not take on your case unless we find it most likely to be successful.

What do we need to assess your case?

In order for us to assess your case, we kindly ask that you provide us with all relevant information, including:

  • Your name/surname, address and contact information.
  • What the case is about (shortly describe your situation, what happened and any actions carried out by your employer and yourself).
  • When the actions or other relevant circumstances took place.
  • What kind of employment contract you have (please send us a copy if you can).

You can contact us by email: or by filling out the form below.


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